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I live in Bondi and my life consists of fashion, literature, money, and things that are bad for you.

07:36 the cold equals cracked lips, and beanies 
08:33 rockpool bathroom selfie

The ligaments in my body are bound to yours.
Our messy encounters have left us forever tangled.

05:19 we did stick’n’pokes
05:15 selfie city
08:19 goth was forced to go to marquee
08:48 I was the 4th member of TLC
08:57 IV made me look like a heroin user
08:01 srsly, I want a septum piercing 
11:54 $2 wine. All class
06:46 weow necklace
07:25 the love of my life
06:44 super siblings
08:40 forever looking confused